EDGE Youth Worker

Position Summary:  The EDGE Youth Worker works to successfully implement the day-to day operation of the EDGE Afterschool Program. The program is designed to provide academic, recreational, and cultural life skill experiences to students by working cooperatively with the parents, staff, and administration of the school.  We work with students in Kindergarten-12th Grade in small and large group settings.

EDGE Elementary Academic Enrichment Coordinator

Position Summary:  The EDGE Elementary Academic Enrichment Coordinator assists the Director of Children and Youth in the planning, development and implementation of the academic enrichment portions of the EDGE (Education, Discovery, Growth and Excellence) Afterschool Program at one of the following schools:  Thomas Gregg Elementary, IPS #15, Washington Irving Elementary, IPS #14, or Brookside Elementary, IPS #54, and the elementary age summer program when available.  The EDGE Afterschool & Summer Programs are designed to provide academic, recreational and cultural life skill experiences to the youth of the Near Eastside neighborhood schools by working with the principals, teachers, other school personnel, parents, other youth workers, and youth.   This position primarily focuses on the academic portion of the EDGE Afterschool Program, while also working as a team in coordinating enrichment activities, and effectively supervising and leading EDGE Youth Workers.  When available, this position will also assist in the planning, coordination, and implementation of summer programming.

Who are we looking for???

The ideal candidate for the afterschool program is someone that possesses a lot of energy and passion for working with youth.  This person would also have a great sense of humor, the ability to be flexible, a team player, and a good amount of patience.  The ideal candidate would also be confident in their behavior management skills and have an outgoing and engaging personality.  It is also necessary for all candidates to be knowledgeable about all school subjects at the grade levels assigned to—this is critical at the middle and high school level, especially with math and science.  Candidates should also possess the ability to read and implement a lesson plan and take initiative in all areas of programming.

Job Descriptions:
EDGE afterschool youth worker

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