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If education is the key to obtaining a high quality of life, then the futures of our Near Eastside children are bleak. Roughly 30% of adults in our community do not have a high school diploma, and providing for one’s family can be difficult with limited education. In fact, one in five  households on the Near Eastside of Indianapolis earn a gross income of $10,000 or less, resulting in 1,640 children under the age of five living in extreme poverty.  Under such extraordinary financial conditions, preparing one’s early learners for kindergarten often takes a back-seat to securing life’s basic necessities. Unfortunately, the downward spiral does not stop there.

Entering elementary school without knowing the fundamentals (e.g. knowing the alphabet) severely inhibits the ability of students to achieve academic success long-term.  With critically low scores in literacy, math, and science, many students struggle to perform well as they are shuffled on to middle-school and high school, recreating the very circumstances that have set the stage for low-educational attainment among adults.

NEEA members are uniquely positioned to provide needed education interventions in the areas of STEM Enrichment, Academic and Character Enrichment, Early Education, and Parent Support.

Applicants may request to serve at a Near Eastside Education AmeriCorps host site that is ADA compliant.

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