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The near eastside is a vibrant, thriving, welcoming community.


  • John Boner Neighborhood Centers inspires neighbors and partners to improve the quality of life on the near eastside by providing tools for change and growth.
  • We work to build a community where people want to live, work and leave an impact.
  • We ensure a welcoming and active environment for community residents, programs/services and partners which will facilitate relationship development.
  • We are a community where residents set the agenda for the neighborhood and individuals define their measurements of success.
  • The ability to impact the quality of life on the near eastside is defined by the breadth and depth of collaboration with partners.
  • We believe that all people share a common humanity in which we hold an unwavering respect for one another’s worth and dignity.
  • We hold an unshakable belief in the power of individuals and communities to create change that promotes a shared destiny, social justice and equality.
  • Every person is valued and respected; there is an exchange of learning and growing that happens within our community.
  • Cultivation of leadership is the ability to attract, retain and develop individuals. This includes: staff, volunteers, neighbors and business partners.
  • The center is an “Employer of Choice” where individuals feel esteemed in their roles. We create an environment where people are cultivated, nurtured and recognized.
  • The center leverages resources and demonstrates good stewardship of investments within this community.

Diversity Statement

Diversity Statement

Diversity Statement: John Boner Neighborhood Centers recognizes the strength of diversity and celebrates a society of different individuals, cultures, and perspectives whose knowledge, skills and talents enrich and strengthen us as a people. We believe in, and promote, equal opportunity in its operations, community engagement, employment, decision-making and inclusion of diverse members of our community. These differences include race, color, national origin, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, creed, physical or mental disability, veteran status, and political affiliation.

Diversity Goals

Create Awareness: Share our diversity principles and values with staff, partners, supporters and general public.

Inclusive Culture: The center is an inclusive environment in which differences are recognized, respected, valued and even celebrated.

Accountability: Diversity scorecard is maintained annually and reviewed annually by our board of directors.

Outreach: Seek organizations, employees, board members and volunteers to strengthen our diversity inclusion principals.

Business and Community Relationships: Engage with and conduct business with those of diverse backgrounds.

Ongoing Learning: Identify and address specific inclusiveness issues, barriers, and/or opportunities.

Diversity Scorecard Demographics 2017


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John Boner Neighborhood Centers, a 501(c)3, was founded to serve Indianapolis’ near eastside residents. In 1971, neighborhood residents determined the need for a community center. With their help, John Boner and Dick Moore set up a card table and two folding chairs in an office on East 10th Street, and the near eastside Multi-Service Center was born. Throughout the years, our philosophy has inspired the creation of services and programs in response to the changing needs within our community. Before John Boner died in 1994, the center’s name was changed to honor the leadership and vision for the neighborhood where John Boner lived and worked.

The energy, commitment and dedication of center staff is the driving force behind our success and the unique opportunities offered to our neighbors. Through programs, services, and community development initiatives, staff help to inspire and support those who are committed to thriving towards an improved quality of life: Not just for themselves, but for the community they live in.

We believe that neighborhood-driven efforts are essential in developing a healthy, thriving and vibrant community. We provide numerous tools for change and growth for our residents and community partners. Through our work, we inspire hope and foster change to improve the lives of those we serve.