Boner Fitness & Learning Center

Boner Fitness and Learning Center at the Chase Legacy Building, located on the historic Arsenal Technical High School campus.

Address:  727 N. Oriental Street, Indianapolis, IN  46202
Phone:  317.423.2000

COVID-19 Pandemic Scheduled Hours of Operation
We have temporary new hours that will allow our staff to implement enhanced cleaning procedures throughout the day.  The weekday time slot of 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. is reserved for our Senior members.

8am-10am-Seniors Only
10am-1pm- Open
1pm-3pm- Closed for Cleaning
3pm-8pm- Open

Sat & Sun:
10am-1pm- Open
1pm-2pm- Closed for Cleaning
2pm-6pm- Open

Standard Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday from 6A.M. – 9P.M.
Saturday from 8A.M. – 6P.M.
Sunday from 10A.M. – 6P.M

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