Diversity Statement

Diversity Statement: The John H. Boner Community Center recognizes the strength of diversity and celebrates a society of different individuals, cultures and perspectives whose knowledge, skills and talents enrich and strengthen us as a people. The Center believes in and promotes equal opportunity in its operations, community engagement, employment, decision-making and inclusion of diverse members of our community. These differences include race, color, national origin, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, creed, physical or mental disability, veteran status, and political affiliation.

Diversity Goals

Create Awareness: Share the John H. Boner Community Center’s diversity principles and values with staff, partners, supporters and general public.

Inclusive Culture:  The John H. Boner Community Center is an inclusive environment in which differences are recognized, respected, valued and even celebrated.

Accountability:  Diversity scorecard is maintained annually and reviewed every year by our Board of Directors.

Outreach:   Seek organizations, employees, board members and volunteers to strengthen our diversity inclusion principals.

Business and Community Relationships:  Engage with and conduct business with those of diverse backgrounds.

Ongoing Learning:  Identify and address specific inclusiveness issues, barriers, and/or opportunities.

Diversity Scorecard Demographics 2016