Washington Irving Elementary School, IPS #14

1250 East Market Street


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In the heart of downtown Indianapolis just a few minutes from Monument Circle, you will find Washington Irving Elementary School 14, a school that serves 560 children in grades K-6 with a staff dedicated to helping each child find success in many areas of their lives! Our academic programs are rigorous and we have high expectations for learning. We don’t just settle for mediocre, we work to make sure that each student improves and no matter where they start, we want to see progress that each child can be proud of!

At School 14, we have high expectations for our students not only in academics but in other areas as well! We are so fortunate to be able to offer our children a wide range of different activities both during and after school! Our students can develop their musical skills in band and choir. They can have fun and get healthy in our Fun and Fitness Club! They can learn discipline and the science of running in our Cross Country and Track Club. Girls can work on self-image and empowerment in the Girls, INC. club. Students are encouraged to begin thinking about college during their elementary school years in the College Mentors program. We also have basketball teams, Art Club sponsored by the Indianapolis Museum of Art, and a whole host of tutoring opportunities through such groups as the Boner Center and School on Wheels. These are just a few of the activities available to our students! There is a special activity for every child at Washington Irving!

To give you just a few of our academic activities that take place during the school day, we have volunteers from the Read Up! program who come work with students every day in reading. We have a Lunch Buddies Mentoring program where adult mentors come eat lunch with students each day. We have Project Seed which brings mathematicians in to work with classrooms on math projects. These are just a few of our additional programs!

One thing that Washington Irving School 14 is well-known for is our solid commitment to being involved with our local community and bringing in community organizations to partner with our school. We can boast over 50 community groups that we partner with for various activities! To name just a few, we partner with 100 Black Men, Gleaners Food Bank, WISHmen, Boner Center, and many, many more!

At Washington Irving School 14, we cherish our children and work hard to help them find success in many areas of their lives. If you haven’t been to School 14, stop by and see for yourself why School 14 is a jewel in the crown of downtown Indy!