John Boner Neighborhood Centers, Near Eastside Education AmeriCorps

Students facing developmental and intellectual challenges associated with living and learning in poverty will benefit from Near Eastside Education AmeriCorps’ (NEEA) context-centered model, which combines restorative, behavioral-support instructional models with high-level knowledge of Near Eastside assets and resources.

Practical, creative, and outcomes-based interventions focus on academic achievement, development of both soft and technical life-skills, and family stability. NEEA offers interventions both in schools and in community-based settings, providing the greatest opportunity for all Near Eastside students to be reached with critical interventions.

Highly-trained and compassionate AmeriCorps members deliver one-on-one, small-group, and workshop-style programming, and provide positive reinforcement as students, families, and educators work towards academic goals.  This is done with the intent of creating a trauma-informed learning environment.  Program interventions are provided by AmeriCorps members serving as a Socio-Emotional Learning or Parent Empowerment Fellow.

Socio-Emotional Learning Fellows

Socio-Emotional Learning Fellows work with students to improve socio-emotional/academic behaviors that promote student learning.  Fellows use trauma-informed care and socio-emotional learning techniques to deliver regular site programming and education in topics that could include literacy, STEM, Health and Nutrition, etc.

Parent Empowerment Fellows

Parent Empowerment Fellows build transformative relationships with parents to connect them to the community resources, social supports, and family strengthening tools they need to stabilize their home environments.  Fellows organize a minimum of 3 events during their term to bring parents together in fellowship.

Instructional Principles

Compassionate and restorative approaches
Measurable outcomes
Meet each person where he/she is at

Developing Local Leaders

Being a member of the Near Eastside Education AmeriCorps (NEEA) program is as much about developing oneself as it about developing our neighborhood youth and families. In addition to their service, NEEA members spend between 12-20% of their service in technical training and professional development. This includes extensive training in:

• AmeriCorps policies and expectations
• The technical skills needed for their interventions
• Cultural training and knowledge/expertise of Near Eastside community and resources
• The landscape of modern education systems and challenges
• Innovations in education and learning
• Trauma-informed care
• Child and youth development
• Managing difficult behaviors
• Socio-emotional development
• Program facilitation
• Lesson planning
• Budgeting and financial literacy
• Poverty and student learning
• Program development and management
• Community building
• Communications and marketing
• Report writing and data analysis
• Evaluation implementation
• Volunteer management and supervision
• Conflict resolution
• Event planning
• Employment skills and professionalism
• Public Speaking and more!

Studies show that AmeriCorps members are 27% more likely to secure full-time employment than those who have not served, positioning NEEA alumni to be competitive applicants. Additionally, NEEA Fellows who complete their service receive a Segal Education Award to pay off past education debt or to continue their education. NEEA Fellows who begin their service after the age of 55 also have the option of transferring their education awards to their children and/or grand-children.

Additional NEEA Fellow benefits that go beyond most internships and service-learning opportunities include a bi-weekly stipend and a discounted membership to the Boner Fitness and Learning Center. While we recruit fellows nationally, our hope is that our near eastside neighbors can also benefit from these professional development opportunities. In fact, 50% of NEEA Fellows have been existing near eastside residents.

John Boner Neighborhood Centers is an Equal Opportunity Employer and conducts its recruitment and hiring based solely upon job-related qualifications, without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status, or citizenship status. Fellows are eligible to serve at ADA compliant service sites upon request.

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